Inside the Art

I love creating beauty out of what people discard.  Found, discarded items
and recycled objects provide an endless supply of material and ideas
from which to draw.  Light serves as a constant in most of what I create.
Resurrecting objects thought to be dark and dead are given a second chance
through my art.

An avid ornithologist most of my life, my love of birds is evident in much
of what I create. I attempt to bring forth the effects of waste on their
fragile environment by using the very materials that may be threatening
their existence. I feel that by rescuing these objects doomed for landfill, I am
able to do my part to bring awareness to what we consider waste and how it
affects our environment and the species that live in it with us.

A sculptor of light, I carve with darkness and shadows. I manipulate and
accentuate reflections to convey a sense of movement and bring forth a
new life for each piece.  Weathered, worn wood or beaten metal serve as
a foundation for my illuminated vision. Papers, plastics and translucent
materials are then chosen for transmitting, distorting or muting the light
of the piece.  Once the image is created, I will paint, stain, score,
gouge, burn ,whatever it takes until the piece comes into its own.  There is a strange beauty and sense of satisfaction when these objects once thought to be useless are brought to life and infused with light. This is what I do and how I define myself, this is the Inner Shade.



Michael Clarke